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All of our clocks have been taken care of with the utmost repect by our master clockmaker, Oleg Beznozov 


89 04 Blackbird. Made by Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. Made in winsted Connecticut. Approximately 80 years old. Chimes every 30 mintues. Very easy adjust timing. Pendulum can be lowered and raised from hole near the top of dial. Second side of winding key  can make adjustments

86 07

18th Century. Wheels made from wood and stainless steel. Dial 100% custom made from wood. Custom painting. Custom cut/curved hands. Mother of pearl dots around case. Custom burned case

85 06 

E Ingraham & Co. Bristol, Connecticut. Round drop wall clock, calendar, 8-day movement. 1872-1873. Tells time only

82 06

Regulator Clock. Made between 1910-1920. Fruit wood. Label indicates clock was made, purchased or repaired in Dresden Germany. Some pieces are missing but clock runs

81 04

Russian Clock. Made 1930. Excellent condition. Chimes every 30 minutes

79 04

European clock from 1980's. Chimes every 30 minutes. Brand new dial. Excellent working condition. Comes with key. 

78 A3

Howard Miller mechanical clock. Made approximately 2010. German. 12 day movement. Comes with key. Enamel dial. All excellent condition. Keeps time. Chimes every 15 minutes

77 07Dutch Wuba clock 1960's. Oak case. Silver engraved dial. Two heavy pear shaped brass weights. Glass window over dial. Figure on top represents Atlas, Holding up the world. 8 day movement. Bell chime strike. Pendulum is decorated with brass horsemen. 26"x11". Good working condition. Chimes every 30 minutes

75 04Seth Thomas Mantel Musical chime Clock. Made approx. 1890's. Black and brown multi color adamantine finish. Very good operating condition. Chimes every 30 minutes

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96 02

Scenic quartz clock. Battery operated clock. Waterfall painting. Forest design base. Lights up when plugged in. 

95 A3

Seth Thomas clock. Made in 1990's. Chimes every 15 minutes. Beautiful condition. Dark cherry color. 

92 04

New Haven clock company clock. 100 years old. Oak wood. 8 day time and striking alarm. Floral decoration on glass  

87 05

31 day movement. Made in 1990's. Approximately 20 years old. Chimes every 30 minutes

88 A1

Over 300 years old clock. All wheels wooden. Hand painted glass. One day movement. Chimes every 30 minutes. 

91 05

Kundo mantle/table clock. Glass case. Rotating pendulum. Made in Germany, 1970's

90 06

1970's antique style mantle clock. American made. Works perfect. outside and inside reconditioned by master clockmaker. 

94 A4

Howard Miller clock. Made in 1990's. Chimes every 15 mintues. 

93 A0

Seth Thomas clock. Made in 1980's. Chimes every 15 minutes. Has several different chimes. 

83 05

German Clock. Chimes every hour. 7 day movement. Approximately 70 years old

84 05

Germany movement. Made 1900's chimes every 30 minutes

98 A0

Howard Miller wall clock. Made 1990's. Chimes every 15 minutes. 

97 09

Kundo glass domed mantle clock. Germany movement. Rotating pendulum. Black enamel with flower designs on the dial and columns. Made 1980's