2320 04

14ky CZ dangle earrings. Star shaped CZ at the bottom.

2307 A0

14ky diamond dangle earrings. Two separate loops.

2305 A8

14kw princess diamond stud earrings ≈0.50ct tw. SI GH

2304 06

14ky diamond dangle earrings. Three separate loops with its own finish. 

2299 07

14ky dangle earrings. Three pearls. Lever backs. 

2282 03

14ky freshwater pearl earrings

2214 07

14kw diamond stud earrings 0.35ct tw SI G-H

2203 09

14kw diamond stud earrings. ≈ 0.50ct tw

2157 A2  

14ky pearl and diamond earrings. 3 channel set diamonds each. 

2151 06

14kw diamond stud earrings. Tube design. 0.20ct tw.

2142 07

14ky diamond stud earrings. 0.25ct tw

T2141 09

14ky pearl earrings. Leaf and stem design at the top. 

2052 A5

14kw diamond stud earrings. 0.60ct tw

2118 09

14kw diamond earrings. 5 round diamonds each earring. 

2096 07 14kw

diamond stud earrings. Martini design. ≈ 0.40ct tw. SI G-H

S0052 1H 

Silver and gold plated earrings

2284 09

14kw diamond stud earrings. 0.45ct tw

2283 03

14kw hoop earrings. Heart shape.

2258 B9

14ky diamond and sapphire earrings.  ≈1.50ct tw for diamonds.

2220 04

14ky pearl earrings. Swirled wires and stud design.

2221 05

14ky hoop earrings. Fancy woven wire design. 

2199 02

14ky hoop earrings. Twisted wire design.

2174 05

14k 2 tone diamond earrings. Yellow and white gold. Small diamonds. 0.25ct tw.

2164 A3

14kw diamond stud earrings. Princess diamonds. ≈ 0.70ct tw. SI G-H.

2143 05

14ky diamond stud earrings. 0.20ct tw

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2281 04

14ky pearl and diamond earrings. 4mm pearl. 0.01ct each diamond

2265 07

14ky diamond earring. 0.25ct round diamond.

2266 08

14kw ruby earrings. Heart shape earrings with several small rubies.

1011 04

14ky 5mm pearl stud earrings, 6 prong set

2218 A5

14kw diamond stud earrings. Flower design. ≈ 1.50ct tw

2018 A1

14kw diamond stud earrings. 0.60ct tw

2020 A3

WG diamond stud earrings. 0.50ct tw. SI G-H

2148 06

14kw diamond stud earrings. 0.20ct tw. SI G-H.


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1009 06

14ky cultured earl stud earrings ≈ 7.25mm each

2241 A7

14ky diamond earrings. Channel set baguette and round diamonds. 

2255 A6

14k two tone earings. Yellow and white gold. 18 diamonds. ≈0.75ct tw

2226 05

14ky CZ earrings. Channel set princess cut CZ.