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2112 04

14kw ring. Antique design. 

2093 B0

14ky men's diamond ring. ≈ 0.50ct round diamond. VS G-H.

2180 A9

14ky diamond ring. Three round diamonds. ≈ 1.00ct tw.

2178 A4

14k pink gold diamond ring. White gold flower shape crown. Small diamonds.

1054 04

2 tone diamond ring. White and pink gold. 0.05ct center stone.

2189 A9

14ky men's diamond ring. All solid gold. 6 round diamonds. 0.50ct tw.

1020 A2

14ky ladies diamond ring with round and baguette diamonds in 3 flower shapes and 14 diamonds in a row on top and bottom.

1018 A5

14ky diamond wrap with 4 baguettes and 8 round diamonds Sl G-H ≈ 0.30ct tw

2234 04

14ky ring. "X" design in the center. Staircase shoulders. 

S0051 1C

Silver and gold plated ring

S0053 1I

Silver heart shape ring

1003 07

14ky diamond fashion ring with 2 rows = 0.20ct round & 1 row = 0.20ct baguettes in "Z" shaped design SI G-H

1002 04

14ky PS CZ Ring with filigree edge


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2110 B4

14ky diamond ring. Diamond baguettes. Graduated round diamonds. 1.50ct tw. SI G-H

2100 05

14kw diamond ring. 3 flower designs. ≈0.50ct tw. 

2075 A0

14ky mens diamond ring. White gold accented center. Florentine finished shoulders. Round diamond center ≈ 0.24ct. SI G-H.

2139 A6

14ky diamond ring. ≈ 1.00ct tw. SI G-H

2075 A0

14ky mens diamond ring. White gold accented center. Florentine finished shoulders. Round diamond center ≈ 0.24ct. SI G-H.

2068 09

14kw diamond wrap. Prong set round diamonds and channel set round diamonds. 0.25ct tw SI G-H

2063 03

10kw diamond ring. Prong set round diamonds arranged into a heart. Dual band. 

2163 09

14ky diamond ring. Cluster design. Round diamonds. ≈ 0.50ct tw.

2050 A9

14kw solitaire ring. Yellow gold accents on each side. 0.25ct bezel set diamond in a loop. SI G-H.

2011 A8

14kw diamond fashion band. 6 round stagered diamonds 0.55ct tw SI G-H

2004 A9

10kw flower cluster design diamond ring. Detailed band. 1.00ct tw

1036 09

14kw black and white diamond ring. Prong set, braided design. 0.30ct tw

1035 A0

14kw double row black and white diamond design ring 0.48ct tw

1034 05

14kw ring. Black diamond hearts and white diamond pave set band 0.20ct tw

1033 05

 14kw cresent moon black and white diamond ring 0.16ct tw

1024 A9

14ky mens triple band diamond ring with 3 diamonds in a row 0.30ct tw SI-F.

2193 A9

14ky diamond ring. 0.50ct round diamond. 3 studs on each side.

2196 A2

14kw mens diamond ring. 0.25ct.

2215 B3

14ky diamond ring. Cluster setting. Round and baguette diamonds

2092 D7

14ky men's diamond ring. Round european cut diamond. ≈ 0.75ct. SI F-G.

2088 08

10ky diamond ring. Cluster style with gold border around. 

2134 08

14kw diamond wrap. 3 round diamonds on each side. 0.25ct tw

1027 04

14kw pave set round diamond fashion Band, XO pattern